Best AMD Ryzen Laptops [Winter 2022]

When it comes to finding the best Ryzen laptops, there is no tried-and-true method. Instead, every user will need to consider their preferences. For example, if you prefer a large screen and superior graphics, you’ll likely have to sacrifice portability.

Use our seven picks to familiarize yourself with the latest laptops from Ryzen and make an informed buying decision.

Acer Swift 3 AMD Ryzen laptop

Acer Swift 3 AMD Ryzen 7 Thin & Light Laptop

Weight:2.65 pounds
Thickness:0.6 inches
Processor:AMD Ryzen 7 4700U Octa-Core mobile processor
Memory speed:4.1 GHz
Battery life:Up to 11.5 hours

If you’re looking for a mid-budget option, the Acer Swift 3 AMD Ryzen 7 is for you.

Upon first glance, this AMD Ryzen 7 laptop seems unassuming. It has a magnesium/aluminum metal casing that is sleek and minimalist, if not a bit simple.

But the design isn’t just about the bare essentials—the Acer Swift 3 is incredibly slim and lightweight. The trim is only 0.6 inches, and the whole device weighs about 2.65 pounds.

The AMD Ryzen 7 laptop is the kind of device that is always ready to play. The Acer Swift 3 features eight highly responsive AMD processor cores for enhanced productivity. You’ll be able to engage in any games you enjoy with uninterrupted performance.

Our one bone to pick with the Acer Swift 3 is its lackluster screen display. It’s a 1080p display and measures 14 inches. However, the sRGB color gamut reproduction is a meager 62%, and the screen only produces 251 nits of brightness.

As a result, the Acer Swift 3 AMD Ryzen 7 might not produce as much of a bright, colorful display as other options on this list.

Summary: Overall, the Acer Swift 3 is an excellent AMD Ryzen laptop if you’re willing to overlook the less-than-stellar display. Order yours from Amazon today!

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Pros Cons
Long battery life Dim display
You can issue voice commands with the Alexa assistant
Offers security with the fingerprint reader

Asus VivoBook 14

ASUS VivoBook F412DA

Weight:3.3 pounds
Thickness:0.64 inches
Processor:AMD Ryzen 5 3500U processor
Memory speed:3.5 GHz
Battery life:Up to 10 hours

If you’re looking for a new laptop but don’t want to break, the ASUS VivoBook 14 is a solid choice. It typically sells for around $500, which is much more affordable than other AMD Ryzen laptops on the market.

One stand-out feature of the ASUS VivoBook 14 is its user-friendly backlit keyboard. The keys provide a good level of travel, and each key feels excellent to the touch. This perk will come in handy both when writing and when playing PC games.

If you’re constantly trying to connect in different ways, the ASUS VivoBook 14 is one of the best AMD Ryzen laptops available. It comes with three USB-A ports, a USB-C port, a power socket, an HDMI port, and a microSD card slot. You won’t even need an adapter to access all these valuable ports.

As far as performance goes, this product doesn’t disappoint. It features the latest AMD Ryzen mobile processor, meaning heightened responsiveness and smooth navigation.

Note that some users have had issues with the screen popping out of the frame. Honestly, this type of defect is not uncommon on a model with such a low price tag.

As long as you are gentle with opening and closing the laptop, this complaint shouldn’t be an issue for you.

Summary: If you’re dipping your toes into the gaming or video editing realms, the ASUS Vivobook 14 is one of the most affordable AMD Ryzen laptops available. Head over to Amazon to place an order for this budget laptop!

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Pros Cons
Low price and great value Some users have had issues with the screen’s frame
Slim design
Good color reproduction with the integrated AMD Radeon graphics

HP Spectre x360 from above

HP ENVY x360 2-in-1 AMD Ryzen 5 Laptop

Weight:4.41 pounds
Thickness:2.52 inches
Processor:AMD Ryzen 5-3500U processor
Memory speed:2.3 GHz
Battery life:Up to 10 hours

The 2020 HP ENVY AMD Ryzen 5 Laptop is a great personal or business notebook. The 360° hinge lets you transform it from a laptop to a tablet. Whether you need it for touch-heavy games or key-heavy games, this laptop is versatile and meets your needs.

The HP ENVY’s anti-glare screen was quite impressive, considering the moderate price. It measures 13.3 inches diagonally and comes in full HD (1,920 x 1,080 pixels) resolution. This resolution works well for most tasks, but some text may show up fuzzy in some instances.

If you’re looking for convenience, this AMD Ryzen laptop is the way to go. It comes with two USB-A ports, a combination audio jack, an HP wide-vision HD camera, an integrated digital microphone, wireless AX and Bluetooth usability, and a fingerprint reader.

All these features will make your gaming, business, and personal tasks much more seamless.

While this laptop is a sleek nightfall black shade, its body is quite bulky. It’s one of the heavier laptops on our list, so ensure you’re prepared to carry it around and accommodate for its extra length.

Summary: The ENVY x360 is a superb 2-in-1 product. Experience the best of both worlds by purchasing the AMD Ryzen laptop on Amazon today.

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Pros Cons
Good display for the price Bulkier than other AMD Ryzen laptops
Usable as a laptop or tablet
Many convenient features (like two USB-A ports and a wide-vision HD camera)

Lenovo Ideapad 3 budget gaming laptop

Lenovo IdeaPad 3 15.6-Inch Full HD Laptop

Weight:4 pounds
Thickness:1 inch
Processor:AMD Ryzen 5 3500U Quad-Core processor
Memory speed:2.1 GHz
Battery life:Up to 4 hours

Were you impressed with the ASUS VivoBook 14’s price point? You’re sure to love the 2020 Lenovo IdeaPad 3, which you can purchase for around the same cost.

Connecting with your gaming friends has never been easier, as this product comes with a 720p HD webcam for crystal-clear interactions. If you use a laptop for video editing, you can listen to your creations through the Dolby Audio dual speakers or transfer files via the 4-in-1 media card reader.

If you’re looking for a light and sleek machine, this product isn’t it — it’s one inch thick and 15.6 inches across. However, where it lacks gracefulness, it makes up for with its screen display.

The Lenovo IdeaPad’s screen is huge, meaning you can view emails, documents, YouTube videos, and gaming graphics with ease. The Vega 8 graphics produce bright colors and incredible detail for your viewing pleasure. It’s also more than capable of running non-demanding games such as The Sims 4 with good FPS.

Even though the memory speed is lower than the memory speed of some other AMD Ryzen gaming laptops, we didn’t note any performance problems with the Lenovo IdeaPad 3. It runs smoothly for most applications, so you can use it however you need to with confidence.

Summary: As long as you don’t mind sticking close to a charger, our review unit deems the Lenovo IdeaPad 3 as an excellent gaming laptop. Shop this product on Amazon and enjoy the superb graphics and excellent performance at a reasonable price.

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Pros Cons
Military-grade durability Low battery life
Anti-glare HD display Cumbersome
Has an appealing almond color

asus rog zephyrus gaming notebook

ASUS ROG Zephyrus Gaming Laptop – G14 AMD Ryzen 9

Weight:3.64 pounds
Thickness:0.7 inches
Processor:AMD Ryzen 9 4900HS
Memory speed:2.3 GHz
Battery life:Up to 11 hours

The ASUS ROG Zephyrus gaming laptop never fails to meet users’ needs. Its highly efficient CPU and modern AMD Ryzen 9 processor work well together to give you an efficient experience, no matter what you’re doing online.

The ASUS ROG Zephyrus G14 is a lightweight AMD gaming laptop. The laptop is only 14 inches wide, which is pretty slim for all that it can support.

While it doesn’t feature the Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 GPU, it does have the Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060 GPU. This GPU is ideal for video editing and gaming applications and is one of the best GPUs you’ll find in the best gaming laptops under $1500.

If you’re looking into the G14, you might be trying to decide between the G14 and the ROG Zephyrus G15. From our experience, we recommend opting for the ROG Zephyrus G14 over the ROG Zephyrus G15. The G15 costs around $500 more and doesn’t offer any more significant value.

Summary: The ASUS Rog Zephyrus G14 is a portable gaming laptop that keeps up with all your interests, whether in cutting clips together or conquering fictional realms. Order yours from Amazon today.

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Pros Cons
Compact for its capabilities Not as thin as models like the Razer Blade 15
Powerful Ryzen 9 CPU
Same value as the G15 model for a lower price

Asus Rog Striz G17

ASUS ROG Strix G17 (2021) Gaming Laptop

Weight:5.95 pounds
Thickness:1.11 inches
Processor:AMD Ryzen 9 5900HS processor
Memory speed:4.6 GHz
Battery life:Up to 13 hours

The ASUS ROG Strix G17 (AMD Ryzen 9 5900HS) gaming laptop features a streamlined design for casual gaming or intense multitasking on Windows 10.

This Ryzen 5000 series is 7% smaller than its previous generation but doesn’t skimp on any features. For example, you get access to reliable Wi-Fi, a well-ventilated exterior for noise control, a wraparound light bar, a backlit keyboard, and smooth frame rates.

If you’re familiar with other ASUS models (like the ASUS ROG Flow X13), you might be familiar with the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 GPU. However, the ASUS ROG Strix G17 steps away from the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 GPU.

Instead, it operates using the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060, meaning you can game in multiple online realms and support heavy media workloads without blinking an eye.

Keep in mind that this notebook is not a budget laptop — it straddles the $2,000 price point, so it’s not ideal if you’re trying to pinch some pennies.

Summary: The ASUS ROG Strix G17 is an excellent, high-power Ryzen 5000 series gaming laptop if you have the funds available. Head over to Amazon to get yours today.

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Pros Cons
A great Ryzen 5000 series laptop Expensive
ROG Intelligent Cooling system to prevent overheating
Excellent gaming performance

The Microsoft Surface 4 notebook model

Microsoft Surface Laptop 4

Weight:2.76 pounds
Thickness:2 inches
Processor:AMD Ryzen 7 Microsoft Edition
Memory speed:2 GHz
Battery life:Up to 17 hours

The Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 is another great premium AMD laptop with the Ryzen 7 CPU. You can opt for the newer AMD chips whether you get the 13.5- or 15-inch model, so you won’t have to sacrifice the size you want to receive the extra power.

The crossover between a Surface notebook and AMD’s Ryzen processor is rare, but the Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 pulls it off. With its Ryzen processor, you’ll be able to fly across browser tabs and switch between different tasks and programs as you please with no lag time.

One of the most impressive features is the AMD Radeon graphics performance. This Microsoft Surface Laptop has a PixelSense touchscreen that displays brightness levels, colors, and details impressively.

As far as usability goes, this notebook doesn’t fall short. The optimized keyboard transitions swiftly between keys, and all buttons are highly responsive. Plus, the touchpad isn’t too cramped, so you can complete tasks without hindrance.

Summary: The Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 features one of the best performing AMD Ryzen processors available and gets our seal of approval for its long battery life, excellent graphics, and lightweight durability.

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Pros Cons
Has unique Surface accessories available Some customers disliked the keyboard
Multiple color customization options
Excellent for productivity

Find the Best AMD Ryzen Laptops (Consider AMD Radeon Graphics, Screen Ratio, & More)

As a gamer, you have every right to be picky with the equipment you use. No matter which game you’re playing, you’ll benefit from the fast performance and enhanced graphics.

That’s why you shouldn’t settle for just any run-of-the-mill laptop. Instead, you should invest in a high-end gaming laptop. As you’re shopping, you’re likely to come across a familiar debate: Should you get an AMD or Intel model?

There’s been much debate about AMD vs. Intel laptop manufacturers. Computer enthusiasts deliberate the two in terms of graphic performance, power efficiency, and other essential components. To better help you find the best Ryzen laptop, let’s look at some frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Ryzen 5 good for laptops?

From our experience, Ryzen 5 is reliable for laptops. It offers some of the best laptops with six-core microprocessors.

Technology experts often compare Ryzen 5 with Intel’s Core i5 processors, and Ryzen 5 competes well.

Are Ryzen 9 laptops good?

Ryzen 9 laptops are higher-performing than Ryzen 5 ones, as they include twelve (or sometimes eight) cores. They compete well with Inte’s advanced Core i9 processors and offer similar performance at competitive prices.

Do Ryzen laptops run hot?

Most Ryzen gaming laptops don’t run hot. Ryzen CPUs operate with fan outlets and advanced cooling technology to ensure the most comfortable user experience possible.

Why are there so few Ryzen laptops?

Ryzen competes with Intel for original equipment manufacturers’ (OEDs’) attention. For a while, Intel was the go-to brand, as OEMs recognized and trusted it more easily. As a result, manufacturers didn’t produce Ryzen powered laptops as frequently.

However, as Ryzen continues to develop and expand, more of the brand’s laptops will hit the market for sale.

Which is better: AMD or Intel for laptops?

There is no straightforward answer to this question, as the “correct” response will differ depending on who you ask.

For example, AMD Ryzen processors run cooler and longer on their batteries than Intel processors. However, Intel processors tend to have faster data computations and better single-core performance.

When deciding between an AMD laptop and an Intel-based laptop, you have to evaluate your priorities to make the most informed decision possible.