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I know data speak. I thus continuously analyze every new computer on the market, as well as the strong, but a bit older models. All to find the ones with the most impressive hardware for the best price. This process usually takes several hours. LaptopBlogger does not only analyze the specs of the laptop. Here, we also take into account what bloggers, authority sites and customers all around the world say about the laptops.

No matter what computer you look at, if you find it on the site, it is one of the best. Period. We all want a great deal, but when it comes to laptops, the price cannot be the only thing to look for. We make sure to get the best performance for the price you are willing to pay. So just mention a price, for example, under 1000 and we got the list of the best laptops in that price range.

About Alexander

I used to have websites about topics ranging from business opportunities to health blogs.

I have always wanted to focus 100% of my efforts on one website and make that site really great. On the 17th of February 2016, I decided to go for it and created LaptopBlogger.

I love computers. I love hardware, I love gaming, I love technology. The choice of the subject of the website that I put my efforts in, was easy. After many hours of analyzing and writing, I was ready to give you the ultimate guides for laptops. And so LaptopBlogger was born.

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