15 Best Sims 4 Expansion Packs of All Time

Are you looking to take your Sims 4 experience to the next level but unsure which expansion packs or game packs to get? Don’t worry. We’ve got your back!

The best Sims 4 Expansion Packs have an incredible design that you’ll love. It enhances and adds new features to the classic stimulation series in tons of new ways.

In other words, it adds new areas, new items, new gameplay mechanics, and a lot of new techniques to the Sims 4. So, which are the best Sims 4 Expansion Packs? Check out our next section!

Our 15 Favorite Sims 4 Expansion Packs and Game Packs

These 15 expansions are our personal favorites. We will go over what the expansion is about and both the advantages and disadvantages of each of our recommendations. This means you will know what to expect and hopefully find a new expansion that suits your play style.

Most Sims 4 Expansion Packs have a brand new fleshed-out world that resembles the theme. This means plenty of new stuff to do in a new sims world. Without further ado, here are the 15 best Sims 4 Expansion Packs to try out today:

Get to Work

Key Features:

  • Active careers
  • New career sites
  • Free retail business

The Get to Work Expansion Pack was released to the sims franchise in May 2015. It’s an ideal pick for every player who loves detective, doctor, or scientist themes.

It adds an amazing new world called Magnolia Promenade, which has all sorts of technology and science-based stores that will help you enhance your gaming experience.

In addition to this, it has new gameplay, such as the ability to own your retail store. It’s also packed with all sorts of new items and clothing that will make your characters look exceptionally stylish as always.


  • Exceptional new careers such as scientist and detective
  • A new challenge in owning a retail store
  • Practical skills such as photography and baking


  • Following your sim in the new careers is heaps of fun, but can after some time get a bit tedious and repetitive

Get Together

Key Features:

  • New Winderburg world
  • Dancing skills and DJ skills
  • Creation of clubs with similar sims

Get together is an excellent pick for the laid-back casual gamer who wants to enjoy their time with friends in a relaxing environment full of new activities and crazy adventures.

It comes with a new world, Windenburg. Here, you can mingle around the town square, enjoy a fresh cup of coffee at the new café, or party all night long at several amazing venues.

In addition to this, it has tons of awesome items that will help your Sims get in touch with their wild side. You can go clubbing all night, go to midnight bonfires or join a club of like-minded sims. On crowded venues with many Sims get together can be a bit slow, so make sure you have the best laptop for sims 4 for fast performance.


  • New items and outfits for your Sims to enjoy
  • In-depth skills such as dancing and DJ-ing
  • New Create sim options


  • The new clubs have 8 members at most

City Living

Key Features:

  • New city called San Myshuno
  • A new world to explore and enjoy
  • Multi-level apartments

City Living is a great pick if you want to move your sims to a bustling city filled with new things to do, such as attending festivals, exploring the city, or using new objects such as the basketball court.

The new city is called San Myshuno, where you can live in suburban apartments or downtown penthouses. You can also try out the new singing skill to see if your sim has what it takes to become a star.


  • Celebrations boast special items and clothes
  • San Myshuno stands out as one of the best worlds
  • This city living expansion comes with the ability to live in apartments


  • Apart from its new locations, this expansion pack adds less new things to do compared to other expansion packs

Get Famous

Key Features:

  • Objects that add fame effects to your Sims
  • Hire assistants to reduce the workload
  • New acting career

This game pack offers you everything you need to enjoy a celebrity lifestyle. You can now manage your Sims public image, work on their look and build an impressive career as an actor or influencer.

Moreover, this Expansion Pack boasts everything you need for every Sim who loves acting and wants to be famous in the Sims 4 world. It also comes with plenty of new items that will help them become famous and improve their celebrity lifestyle.


  • New features and events that help your Sim build a career
  • New reputation system
  • It has new items to improve your Sims’ lifestyle such as green screens and styling stations


  • This Expansion Pack offers a lot to juggle, mostly if you already have other expansions

Eco Lifestyle Stuff

Key Features:

  • New objects and items to make a greener living environment
  • Get rid of the old furniture and buy new ones
  • Great item for Sims who love gardening and being outdoors

Do you love to play with a green and sustainable lifestyle? Then Eco Lifestyle Stuff pack is your best choice. It brings several new items made of recycled materials that can make every Sim’s life more comfortable.

It also comes with Sims 4 recycling bins which will help you collect different kinds of waste at home like paper, glass, or metal. You can now enjoy a sustainable lifestyle and take your Sims 4 game experience to the next level.


  • New sustainable items for your fashion Sims to enjoy
  • The things you do will affect the eco footprint of the world
  • Improved gardening


  • Not many new activities for kids

Outdoor Retreat

Key Features:

  • New outdoors based map
  • New objects like tents, fire pits, and campgrounds
  • New outfits made for hiking and camping

Outdoor Retreat is a fantastic pick for those who love spending time outdoors, enjoying nature, and building new relationships with people they’ve just met.

It brings a new world called Granite Falls. Here, you can go camping and hiking across several amazing locations.

Thanks to this awesome package that includes new clothing items perfect for all outdoor activities, you can now enjoy nature more than ever before.


  • Lots of new items and clothing to enjoy outdoor activities
  • You can now go camping with your Sims’ other family members or friends
  • It’s a great option for players who like spending time outdoors


  • Camping can get quite expensive

Discover University Life

Key Features:

  • New classes and activities for your Sims
  • Admissions center where you can build everything related to education
  • Ability to attend lectures and focus more on studies
  • New books, items, and outfits

Discover University Life is a great pack that all fans of going to college and studying should get. It comes with new items that will help you create the perfect student environment where your Sim will be more motivated than ever to study as much as they can.

It brings several new objects like desks, bookshelves, computers, and various decorations for dorm rooms. You can now turn your Sim’s house into the perfect place for studying and attending lectures at university.


  • Lots of new items for all university students
  • Ability to have your Sims attend lectures and study more efficiently
  • New additions like dorm rooms can turn your Sim’s house into a perfect place for studying


  • Some of the locations are rabbit holes where you won’t see what the sim is doing

Snowy Escape

Key Features:

  • New items for your Sims’ home
  • New outfits perfect for skiing during the winter season
  • New objects like hot springs and new vending machines

Snowy Escape is a great pick for those who love playing with snow and winter-related activities. It comes with several exciting items to help you build your dream winter house, where your Sims can feel like home this holiday season.

It brings tons of new features into the game, like snowboard jumps, skis, ski lifts, and more. You can now enjoy the wintry season like never before with this awesome pack.


  • Lots of new items to play with winter and snow
  • New objects like hot tubs, fireplaces, skis, and ski lifts make your Sims’ home look more wintry than ever before
  • Excellent addition for those who like outdoor activities during the winter season


  • The only things the ski lift does is teleporting the sim up the mountain


Key Features:

  • Holidays
  • Celebrate new holidays
  • Different seasons with amazing weather

Season Extension Pack is an amazing new pack that brings fun with all four seasons and will take your Sims to a more realistic world. It comes with several new items that will provide your Sims with plenty of exciting activities during spring, summer, fall, and winter.

You can now build and expand your house using new items like swimming pools or change the entire look of your neighborhood by planting new plants and trees.

It’s an excellent pack for players who want their Sims to live in a more realistic environment and experience all the changes during different seasons.


  • Allows for endless customization of holidays
  • Remarkable activities that make the holidays and seasons enjoyable
  • New gardening skills for different seasons


  • Lacks changing snow depths from the previous Sims games

Cats and Dogs

Key Features

  • Create the perfect pet
  • New pets with unique behaviors
  • Build a veterinary clinic and run it as a business
  • Amazing content for your Sims to enjoy!

Cats and Dogs is a great pack for those who enjoy playing with pets in Sims 4. It brings two new pets that will make your house a home – cats and dogs.

You can now expand your home with kennels, collect feathers and new plants or run multiple adoption events where you can find the perfect best friend for your Sims. It’s a great pack that all pet lovers will enjoy having in their game.


  • Remarkable new pets with unique behaviors
  • Building and running a veterinary clinic
  • New hot tubs that add a lot of fun factors to the game


Island Living

Key Features:

  • Special island traditions
  • Sultani (New island location)
  • Cleaning up of the beaches impacting life on the island

Island Living is a great pack that brings your Sims to the tropics and lets them try out a new way of living. It comes with several exciting items you can use to build or expand your house.

You can also create significant outdoor areas like pools or turn your backyard into a tropical paradise. It adds some new characters as well that you can interact with or even turn into new friends.

The pack also brings several exciting activities for your Sims like fishing, befriending dolphins, or starting a lifeguard career.


  • Can become a mermaid
  • Sultani is a unique and beuitful new tropical map
  • New beach activities


  • Some of the items are just for decoration

Cottage Living

Key Features:

  • New animals to take care of
  • Builders can create farms and cottages
  • New lot challenges

Cottage Living is a great pack that brings life to the countryside and lets your Sims live in a cottage where they can enjoy all the benefits of living in a house on a farm.

It comes with several new items like furniture, appliances, decorations, or farming-related objects you can use to decorate your house.

Plus, it brings several new activities your Sims can enjoy, like collecting eggs from the chicken coop, growing a garden, and even milking cows.

Your Sims are now closer to nature than ever in this amazing pack that will let you have fun playing with life in the countryside.


  • Tons of fun to take care of the new animals
  • New map called Henford-on-Bagley
  • Simple living challenge


  • Has some bugs


Key Features:

  • Parenting skill
  • Interactive enough to change your Sim children’s future
  • Extra family-based activities

Parenthood is a great pack that adds several new features to the game that you can use to improve your Sims’ parenting skills.

It brings new skill-building items such as the new playsets, the play table, and the bulletin board. Your Sims will need to take good care of their kids as they can no longer live alone without adult supervision.

The new items bring daily activities to help your Sims improve their parenting skills and make them better parents.

It also brings several new outfits and looks you can use to create a unique style for your kids or even the adult characters who spend time with them. It’s a great pack that all the parents will enjoy having in their game.


  • New interactive activities for the kids
  • More skill-building items
  • Different outfits and styles make parenting very dynamic


  • Getting reward traits can be a grind


Key Features

  • New mist-covered world perfect for vampires
  • Three new traits and two new skills
  • Enhanced vampire lifestyle

Sims 4 Vampires is one of the most fun-packed Sims 4 Expansion Packs you can ever try. It adds several features that support a vampire’s daily life. You can now create your own vampire family with customizable traits and a variety of skills.

The new vampire lore skill will help make your vampire become stronger, and the new pipe organ skill is a new fun skill to level up if your sim enjoys learning musical instruments. As your vampire gets stronger, it will learn new powers that will allow it to control the mind of other sims. This is a great game pack if you want to make your sim game a bit more supernatural.


  • New career options along with powerful items for Vampires
  • The new Forgotten Hollow map has a cool style that fits vampire sims
  • Building a luxurious mansion is now more fun


  • Your sims may develop a death wish, so be careful.


Key Features:

  • An entirely new world to play in
  • A new, intriguing storyline
  • New characters and lots of mysterious secrets

Strangerville is an amazing pack that will put your Sims face-to-face with a new environment: the desert town of Strangerville. This is where you can find a new community lot and where you’ll look for all the new stories that complete the pack’s story.

Your Sims will discover some secrets about Strangerville before they can get out of it alive. The pack introduces several new items that fit its mysterious mood, like desert plants, cacti, and even mysterious sims that seem to be hiding something.


  • A brand new environment full of mystery and secrets
  • Your sims can use a variety of useful items from the pack
  • Lots of new lots such as the trailer park


  • Finishing the new storyline the second time is less fun since you already know the mystery