25 Best Mods for The Sims 4

The beauty of PC games has always been in community additions. Most games tend to shy away from community content, but The Sims embraces it. The Sims 4 has a rich and lively creator community that provides gameplay feature additions, custom ideas, complete builds, and tweaks for just about every setting and metric in the game.

With the right combination of mods, players can experience a completely different game than what is offered in the Sims 4 base game and expansion packs. In some cases, mods just fix the quality of life issues that come about with expansion features like preventing death from The Sims 4: Tiny Living murphy beds.

Using Mods in The Sims 4

Installing and activating mods in The Sims 4 is easy. All you need to know is how to download your desired mods and move them to a specific folder. If you don’t know where to start your search for the best Sims 4 mods, here are a few websites to look into:

There are also game forums where modders will present their work. It doesn’t take much time searching to find communities that share mods for The Sims 4.

Once you’ve chosen the mods you want, installing them is easy. Just download the mod files from your chosen directory. Then move them into The Sims 4 “mods” folder. You’ll find the mods folder at Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/Mods. You’ll also need to go to the in-game settings. In the “Other” section, you’ll find a check box labeled Enable Custom Content and Mods. Make sure the box next to it is filled with a white checkmark and green background.

Tip: Some gameplay mods will not work well together. If the mods you download affect the same kind of game functions, they can contradict each other and prevent the game from loading. Usually, mod creators will list compatibility in their mod descriptions to help players avoid this. It is also worth noting that the game will take significantly longer to load on start as you pile on mods. If you want to run the sims 4 with many mods on your laptop, check out LaptopBlogger’s guide on the best laptops for Sims 4. That means you can go crazy if you’re patient enough to deal with insane loading times.

25 Mods You’ll Want in The Sims 4

Now that you can install and enable mods, it’s time to start looking through all the options. I have taken the time to gather 25 mods for The Sims 4 that add unrivaled and inspiring features to the gameplay. Warning: Some of these mods add adult-oriented features meant for ages 18 and up. They will be found at the end of this list and tagged with (adult) to clarify.

Have Some Personality PLEASE!

This mod by PolarBearSims adds a layer of extra personality to your sims. This mod fine-tunes sim behavior to align with their personality traits. It helps to create more unique interactions and improves storytelling. It was meant to stop sims from sleeping around so much but evolved into a complete personality rework. It adds numerous different interactions, from friendly to mischievous.


  • Romance restrictions and tuning to create more meaningful relationships.
  • Sims can learn traits and careers from Deep Conversation.
  • Cats and Dogs get Personality!
  • Increased Sim Autonomy.
  • No Idle Chat
  • New interactions based on Traits, Moods, Conversations, and Relationships.
  • Toddlers adhere to their traits.

Download Have Some Personality PLEASE! Here.

Meaningful Stories

Meaningful Stories is a mood and emotions overhaul for The Sims 4. It includes a collection of big and small changes that make your sims feel more human. If you already tried living off the grid in The Sims 4 and want a new challenge then the meaningful stories mod might be what you’re looking for. The end goal is to create more meaningful events and interactions between your sims. It adds depth to the effects of life events like having a birthday forgotten or finishing a successful date.


  • In-game Tutorial
  • In-game Settings Menu
  • Meaningful Moods
  • Emotional Inertia
  • True Happiness
  • Environment Effects
  • Variable Moodlets

Download Meaningful Stories here.

Slice of Life

Slice of Life is another quality personality enhancement mod for the Sims 4. It reworks moodlets’ terms to fit a wider personality range. It also adds visual cues and appearance changes based on emotions the sim is going through like cuts and bandages when they are injured or flush red cheeks when they are drunk. It also attempts to achieve more realism with personality trait additions that affect sims’ emotions, social life, skills, motives, and careers.


  • Changes to Emotions and Moodlets
  • Visual Cues and Appearance Changes tied to Emotions
  • Personality Trait Additions
  • Adds the ability to get drunk, lose a tooth, get acne, and have stinky breath.

Download Slice of Life here.

Nintendo Game Replacements

This is a quality of life addition that makes your sims’ gaming habits more realistic. It replaces the simlish console with real Nintendo console representations. It even plays video from 8 Nintendo games to replace the original EA games shown on the TV when your Sims are playing. Let your sims experience the child-like wonder of Nintendo’s beautiful games like Splatoon and Mario Kart 8.


  • Replaces in-game consoles with Nintendo consoles.
  • Shows scenes from Super Smash Bros, Pikmin 3, Animal Crossing, Hyrule Warriors, Splatoon, Yoshi’s Wooly World, Mario Kart 8, and Super Mario 3D World.

Download Nintendo Game Replacements here.

No Empty Venues

Bring life to your public spaces with No Empty Venues. It attempts to solve an issue that’s plague The Sims 4 since 2015. Traveling to a venue has your sims arriving at a mostly empty lot. The NPC Sims don’t start to fill the lot until after your arrival. While it’s nice to think your sims are the life of the party, places shouldn’t be empty just because your sims aren’t there. This mod uses the in-game time to help the game populate public venues accordingly. For example, visiting a nightclub after 10 pm should yield a packed lot.


  • Forces game to load NPC Sims during loading screen to provide lively and realistic public venues.

Download No Empty Venues here.

Balanced Calories

The weight gain system in the base Sims 4 game leaves a lot to be desired. Eating healthy foods yields the same weight gain as eating junk foods. Balanced Calories adds an extra stat to food that measures calories and caloric intake. It gives different food varying effects. This way your sims can follow a healthy diet and stay satisfied without additional weight gain. It also tweaks the exercise system as well to account for burning calories realistically.


  • Food effects system
  • Calorie management
  • Enhanced health maintenance and workouts

Download Balanced Calories here.

SNBank by Sims Realist

This is a mod meant to add an extra sense of realism by introducing taxes and better-calculated bills and rent prices. Let’s face it, the sims live a luxurious lifestyle where they are heavily overpaid and charged an unrealistically low cost of living. For some, this is a dream they wish to live out. For others, it’s time to introduce the need to hustle into your sims’ lives. It’s a perfect addition for Sims’ storytellers.


  • New Banking System
  • Bills and Life costs like Child Support and Alimony
  • SNBank Lot Trait

Download SNBank here.

Lifetime Skills

Your sims aren’t babies and toddlers for long but they still master a set of skills as they learn and grow. Your sims will no longer lose their abilities once become an adult. If you manage to max out both the mental and creative skills of your sims children, they will take that advantage with them as a teen and onward.


  • Lifetime skill continuity
  • Extra meaning to early sim life gameplay
  • XP bonus grants for maxed toddler skills

Download Lifetime Skills here.

Emotional Inertia

Emotional Inertia adds forward momentum to sims’ moods. This means that they become more resistant to mood changes. It adds depth to the sims’ personality. They act less whimsically and take the events in their lives more seriously. This means it will take more to change a sim from sad to happy. It makes managing your sims more difficult and a bit more realistic. They will need more than just a few small gestures to change directions.


  • Emotional Inertia system
  • Longer mood periods
  • More realistic sim mood changes

Download Emotional Inertia here

Deadly Spellcaster

Make your sims masters of deadly magical arts. This mod introduces 11 deadly spells for your magically inclined Sims to cast on unwitting victims. With Deadly Spellcaster, your neighboring Sims can be turned into the wicked witch next door with a body count. Or take the mantel for your main Sims family and foster a whole coven of dangerous and deadly witches or wizards.


  • Adds 11 deadly spells to be performed by magic sims (only 9 if you don’t have Seasons EP).
  • Adds “Deadly Orb” to teach the deadly spells to your spellcasters.

Download Deadly Spellcaster here

ATM, Credit Cards And Loans

Having a growing Sims family can often mean the house becomes too small. Children grow up and become adults who marry and have children of their own. You’ll have to kick the baby birds from the nest to fly on their own. This doesn’t mean they have to start completely fresh. With ATM, Credit Cards, and Loans, you can have a more realistic banking system to support the expansion of your growing sims family across multiple lots.


  • Functional ATM
  • Credit Cards
  • Credit Applications

Download ATM, Credit Cards, and Loans here.

Custom Food Interactions

If you’ve spent time gathering food objects from community resources, you might want to put them to better use than just being aesthetically different. Custom Food Interactions adds new ways to interact with food objects and the ability to make custom foods. It also adds interactions to different stoves and fridges. It makes Sims cooking far more and interactive.


  • Adds custom food making
  • Adds more interaction options for food
  • Adds more interaction options for stoves and refrigerators

Download Custom Food Interaction here.

Height Slider

Nearly everything in the Sims 4 is customizable. Everything! Except for full-grown Sims heights. This mod is a simple addition that allows you to control and adjust the heights of your sims. It may not seem like much written down, but the height variance between your sims adds an extra aesthetic layer and depth to your storytelling.


  • Adds a Height Slider bar to your Sims appearance settings.
  • Introduces size variety to your sims community.

Download Height Slider here

Morph Maker

If you just can’t help but push the limits of customization in the Sims 4, then you’ll love the Morph Maker mod. It allows you to transform base and morphed meshes. Then it packages them in CAS sliders and presets. This allows you to customize the actual shape of your sims outside out of the in-game slider settings.


  • Custom sims mesh designs

Download Morph Maker here.

Explore Mod

The Explore mod allows your sims to travel between your neighborhoods! Add an extra level of storytelling depth by tying your Sims 4 neighborhoods together socially. Make better use of your business districts and public venue creations by having your sims explore the locations. There are also numerous added events that sims can explore that change daily.


  • Connect your neighborhoods by removing travel limitations.
  • Give your sims exciting locations to explore.
  • Adds special events for your sims to partake in.

Download the Explore Mod here.

Better Babies and Toddlers

Revamp the pregnancy and parenthood experience of your sims with Better Babies and Toddlers. This mod introduces new interactions for parents and children. This addition lets your sims vent about their duties as a parent to other sims and sim parents. It also adds new parental moodlets.In addition, you can interact with your toddlers in a more immersive manner that will help them progress throughout their simhood.


  • New interactions for Sim Parents
  • New interactions with babies and toddlers
  • New computer interactions for sims to research parenthood
  • New conversation options for Sims parents

Download Better Babies and Toddlers here.

Road to Fame

Step onto the dance floor and make a name for yourself. Road to Fame adds a new street dancing skill complete with ten dance moves that your sims can use when they’re “In The Zone”. Your sims will be able to post to StreetTok to gain fame and followers to increase their skills. They can also compete in Street Dancing Competitions to win even more fame as well as a simoleon prize.


  • Street Dancing Skills
  • Dance Squad
  • StreetTok
  • New Dancing Interactions
  • 10 Dance Moves
  • Street Dancing Competitions
  • Street Popularity

Download Road to Fame here.

True Happiness

True Happiness is a great gameplay depth addition that rebalances the happiness mood meter and moodlets. It adjusts the system by rethinking how different positive events truly affect mood. Then the modder used the more accurate measurements to create a system of sim happiness that more closely reflects reality. In effect, this adds depth to the number of happiness events give to Sims which enriches storytelling.


  • Changes to the mood adjustment methods centered around happiness.
  • Increases the range of happiness experienced by the Sims.

Download True Happiness here.

Playable Pets

Pets have already been a wonderful addition to The Sims, but they can be more. With Playable Pets, you can take control of your sims’ household companions. You will be able to direct them around the house just like your human sims. They only have the interactions already afforded to them by the base game, but you will be able to make them interact with their environment at will.


  • Unlocks the ability to control Sims’ pets.

Download Playable Pets here.

MC Command Center

This is a mod you’ll find every list of Sims 4 mods. This is the most comprehensive access to controls of very finite features in the game. It allows you to control aspects like lifespans, bill frequency, and pregnancy chances. You’ll be able to adjust how your game behaves in every single manner. If you’re a bit of a control freak, this is a must-have for your sims mod arsenal.


  • Allows for the control of every aspect of the game.
  • Customize your gameplay flow and experience.

Download MC Command Center here.

Best Adult-Themed Mods

Basemental Drugs(adult)

Hardcore Sims 4 players are always looking for ways to add more realism to their gameplay. This can sometimes mean going from PG-13 to Rated R. Basemental Drugs is one mod in a suite of feature additions that add elements of the real world’s seedy underbelly. Your Sims will be able to work with illegal substances and sell them. Don’t let your sims try too much of the product, though. They can become addicted.


  • 13 Different drug substances intended to act as realistic representations.
  • New careers in Dealing with skills for each drug.
  • Have your sims cultivate their cannabis or magic mushrooms.
  • Have your sims create and work in a dispensary.
  • Get busted by the cops for illicit drug use and selling.
  • Sims can become addicted and suffer from drug abuse.

Download Basemental Drugs here.

Basemental Gangs(adult)

Spice up your underground activity even more with another Basemental Mod. Basemental Gangs adds an element of GTA to the Sims 4, with four rival gangs fighting for control of territory to push drugs. You can have your sims lead one of the four gangs from a purchasable gang headquarters. Your sims will work their gang leadership skills to the max as they start rivalries and compete. Combine this with the Basemental Drugs mod for a complete ‘breaking bad’ playthrough.


  • Introduces four gangs to The Sims 4.
  • New skills that determine your sims gang leaderships capability.
  • Gang rivalries.
  • A new gang headquarters.
  • Gang member management and mission control.
  • New in-game opportunities.

Download Basemental Gangs here.

Wicked Whims(adult)

Wicked Whims is for the naughtier Sims 4 players. It allows your sims to take their relationships to the next level uncensored. Not only does it add new sex animations, but also exhibitionism interactions. Your sims can live a natural, nude lifestyle complete with “free love”. Some of what this mod allows your sims to do shouldn’t be spoken aloud. This is a purely adult-oriented mod.


  • Animated Sex
  • Undressing controls and sex paraphernalia use.
  • Natural encounters of sims autonomously having sex.
  • Sexually contracted diseases
  • Pregnancy gameplay enhancements and birth control options
  • Relationship factors and 40 sims satisfaction flavors
  • Full detailed nudity
  • Strip Club addition
  • Sweating
  • New Reactions
  • Enhanced Relationships and polygamy options

Download Wicked Whims here.

Life’s Drama(adult)

Life’s Drama stays true to its name. It adds 11 new dramatic scenarios for townie NPCs. You can even have your sims intervene and help out the neighborhood. You’ll have a chance to increase your sim’s social popularity and learn the townie’s dirtiest secrets. This mod lets your sims live a drama-filled and interesting social life.


  • 11 new dramatic scenarios starring NPC townies can happen in your sims neighborhood.
  • Adds a new social popularity system
  • Plastic surgery
  • Public Scrapping
  • The Burn Book
  • The Feathers NPC Squad

Download Life’s Drama here.

Extreme Violence(adult)

You can completely transform the game’s atmosphere. With Extreme Violence, you don’t have to resort to dropping sims in doorless rooms or swimming pools with no exits to exhibit maniacal control. This mod introduces extreme action violence in the form of helicopters, car wrecks, and bullet spray. It even adds violent crimes like armed robbery.


  • Run over sims with a car.
  • Throw helicopters at sims.
  • Super Kick
  • Super RKO
  • Tombstone Piledriver
  • Friendly Backstab
  • The Plunge
  • RIP Heart Out

Download Extreme Violence here.

Get to Modding!

These 25 mods will give you enough extra content to explore Sims 4 gameplay for the next three years. Before you know it, there will be even more innovative and incredible mods available to spice up Sims 4 gameplay. So get started with your top picks off the list and start to install mods to improve your Sims 4 gaming experience. Make your Sims 4 game a unique bundle.