Are Gaming Laptops Good For Everyday Use?

Gaming Laptop for Everyday Use

Gaming laptops are typically the same as regular laptops but with upgraded features. The features are what makes them different, especially in terms of performance. They are specifically designed for gaming; that is why many people question whether they can fit everyday use. The most straightforward answer to that question is, yes, they can. Here are the reasons why:


Lenovo L340, a laptop with cool design

The sturdy design and build quality of gaming laptops are extraordinary. Most gaming laptops have upgradable parts, so you won’t have to replace the whole laptop when it develops damages. They also have a longer lifespan, and when you take good care of them, they can last twice the lifespan of an ordinary laptop.

The sound quality is also better than in standard laptops. Superior sound will be excellent for everyday use, especially if you watch and listen to audio and videos a lot on your regular laptop.

Gaming laptops usually have bright displays. Screen brightness is often overlooked in laptops. But aim to get a laptop with a bright display so that you don’t have to squint every time the sun shines on it.


Graphics card

Gaming laptops have much better performance than normal laptops. They are designed to give high speed, which is the most sought-after feature in any computer. The best gaming laptops are more powerful than normal laptops since these gaming computers are made for playing games. A gaming laptop will also easily handle other demanding tasks, such as video editing. Something you can read more about in thisĀ LaptopBlogger article.

The high-quality graphics are also an attractive feature. It’s designed to produce high-resolution images because that is a big part of the gaming experience. The best gaming laptop can handle any game you throw at it.

Gaming notebook’s improved cooling also helps in performance. They have more powerful fans and better venting than a normal laptop, so you can push the laptop to its limit without heating up.

A gaming laptop will handle multitasking better. You can open many tabs and other programs simultaneously with a low probability of freezing. A lot of programs and most games these days need a Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) to run smoothly. Almost all good gaming laptops and gaming desktops have a dedicated graphics card but few traditional laptops have it.

Quality Keyboard

Asus Gaming Laptop Keyboard

Gaming laptops have a robust keyboard to help them withstand the stress of gaming. Gaming keyboards don’t get easily damaged with intense gaming, let alone normal typing. Standard laptops have delicate keyboards because they are mainly meant for typing.

RGB backlighting is another great feature found in almost any high-end gaming laptop. You can assign different colors to specific keys so that you can easily spot them in a low-lit environment. The LED backlight is very advanced, with a lot of potential hues. Most people don’t consider the keyboard lights professional. But there are gaming laptops that have one-color keyboards that will be perfect for office use.

The keyboards are very versatile. You can use them for typing and gaming; the same cannot be said with a standard keyboard. Gaming on a regular keyboard is usually uncomfortable since the keys have a short key travel, and often feel mushy.

Battery Life

A silver laptop getting charged

Gaming laptops used to have less battery power than ordinary laptops. It would force gamers to stay close to a power source to get the most out of the laptop. But these days, more and more gaming laptops have long battery life and enough power to sustain everyday usage. Modern gaming laptop batteries can achieve up to six hours on a single charge. However, be aware that what’s considered a good battery life is considerably less when playing games. When you use the laptop to play games, most gaming laptops will only last around 2 hours.

Of course, the battery life varies depending on the brand and manufacturer. So you should still check to know if it can sustain your work or school-related activities. Battery directly impacts the performance of a laptop. It’s common that a gaming laptop will have better performance when it’s plugged in than when it’s on battery power. Although it’s very rare, some gaming laptops come with removable batteries. If the battery goes down, you can swap it with a charged one and continue using it.

Weight and Size

Gaming laptop and gaming gear on a table

Weight and size used to be the main disadvantages of using a gaming laptop for everyday use. A lot of cooling is needed to support powerful hardware. As a result, gaming laptops are usually heavier than ordinary laptops. Some high-end gaming laptops weigh less than 4 pounds and are offering a great mix of portability and performance. For cheaper options, it depends on whether you want a thick gaming laptop or a slim laptop for daily use.

Even though weight and size are not a testimony of excellent performance, most people still look for slim laptops for convenience. They are easy to carry around, so you can take them to your office or school and back every day.

Gaming laptops also have their advantages when it comes to everyday use. They can support peripherals that a typical laptop can’t. The physical parts in a gaming laptop last longer, and they are upgradable, so the hardware is perfect for intense use over a long period. Hardware in typical laptops will force you to replace the whole machine after a few years.

Gaming Laptops Vs Regular Laptops

Gaming Laptop versus Traditional Laptop

At a glance, a gaming laptop will look like a regular laptop, and as you can see, it also has many desirable features. But there are a lot of differences between a gaming laptop and a regular laptop. For a start, the gaming laptop needs high-performance features to support the gaming experience, some of which are not necessary for an ordinary laptop. The RAM size is usually larger in gaming laptops because it increases speed, storage, and general performance.

High-quality hardware and high-quality screen size are a must in gaming laptops and not in ordinary laptops. Battery performance is more emphasized in ordinary laptops than in gaming laptops. Weight and size are also key differences between the two laptops. Standard laptops are usually very lightweight and small for convenience, while gaming laptops are pretty heavy. The bulkier size is a key difference between gaming laptops vs ultrabooks.

Some other key differences to consider are:

  • High-end laptops tend to focus more on higher resolution (there are few gaming laptops with 4K resolution).
  • Gaming laptops tend to focus more on higher refresh rate (many gaming laptops have 144, 240 or 300hz screens).
  • Most laptops have integrated graphics cards, while gaming laptops require dedicated graphic cards.
  • Backlight RGB keyboards are more popular in gaming laptops than ordinary laptops.

These are the main differences between the two laptops that you need to be aware of before buying any of them.

Final Thoughts

A gaming laptop can be used for work, college, or school without trouble. They are perfect for school or work because most gaming laptops have powerful hardware and fast performance. Gaming laptops can multitask better than a typical laptop. The main concerns with gaming laptops are the shorter battery life and bulkier design.

These days you can find laptops with low weight and long battery life. It may cost you a little extra, but it will be worth it if you want a powerful machine. If you’re in the market for a laptop for everyday use that can sustain heavy usage, you should think about buying a gaming laptop. Check out our guide on the best gaming laptops under $500 for a good starting point.