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The MSI GE Apache-276 is arguably the best gaming laptop under 1000 out there. Not only does it look great, but the hardware is also really powerful.  This is LaptopBlogger’s short overview of this awesome gaming laptop.

The design

The design has a premium look with subtle angular lines and a black matte finish.  The design differs quite a bit from laptops in the similar price range. Most of the laptops in the around $1000 price range have an aluminum case and an overly plastic design. The MSI GE Apache-276 have a lightweight alloy case. The alloy case gives the laptop stability while still having just a thickness of 27mm. The alloy case also reduces the total weight of the MSI to only around 6 pounds. A weight that is acceptable if you want to move around much with your new notebook.

The Screen and keyboard

The screen is a quality TN panel with clear images and fast screen response. Surprisingly for a TN panel, the screen looks good from any viewing angle. The brightness of 246.2 cd/m² (a bit low for the price) is probably the screen’s biggest weakness.

The MSI GE Apache-276 has a full-size backlit keyboard. The keyboard feels nice while gaming. One thing I found cool about the keyboard is that you can change the color and intensity of the color of three separate zones.

The hardware

By the end of the page, there is a table of the hardware. For a laptop of relatively low price (around 1000), this is excellent hardware. The GTX960 is one of the best graphic cards you can get at the 1000 dollars-rice range (only the GTX965 tops it). For a gamer, the graphics card will run your favourite games smoothly at high settings, maybe even at ultra settings.

The RAM is a bit slow, but this is a laptop mainly aimed to gamers so that will not be an issue. The Intel Core i7 5700HQ is always a reliable choice.

15 or 17 inches GE Apache-276?

There are two different versions of the GE, GE62 and GE72. The design is the same, except the screen size. GE72 has a 17-inch screen while GE62 has a 15-inch screen. Furthermore, GE72 have an around 50% weaker processor and around 30% stronger graphics card.

In other words, the GE62 is the choice if you seek portability and an all-around laptop. The GE72 is the choice if you value better graphics and a larger screen.


The MSI GE Apache-276 has excellent design and robust hardware. There are laptops in the same price range with a better processor or a stronger graphics card. But no computer in the 1000 price range is as good all around as the MSI GE Apache-276. When other similar priced gaming laptops have weaker hardware or other problems (like overheating), the MSI GE Apache-276 runs perfectly with your favourite games.

Buy the MSI GE Apache-276

MSI GE62 (15 inch) on Amazon

MSI GE72 (17 inch) on Amazon

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ProcessorIntel i7-5700HQ
Graphics CardNVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M
RAM12GB DDR3 1600 MHz
Hard Drive1TB 7200 rpm HDD
Screen Size17.6 inches
Weight5.3 pounds

ProcessorIntel i7-4720HQ
Graphics CardNVIDIA GeForce GTX 965M
RAM16GB DDR3 1600 MHz
Hard Drive1TB 7200 rpm HDD
Screen Size17.3 inches
Weight6 pounds

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