Best Grenade Spots in Dust2 [CS:GO]

Dust2 is perhaps the most iconic map in Counter-Strike history. It is a key part of the rotation in Global Offensive, and if you want to rank up in CS:GO, then you need to understand the best places to use grenades on both CT and T and which grenades to use throughout the map. Here, we will go over what you need to know to use grenades effectively when you are playing Dust2, whether it’s on your desktop or onĀ one of these top-rated laptops for CS:GO. In general, smokes and flashes are useful for both sides, while HE and Molotovs are more useful for CTs.

T Side

Long A

Approaching at Long A from the T side alone, or by splitting into Long and Short A, requires careful use of grenades. There are multiple places that a CT can set up to have vision of Long’s approach and the double doors. The most common close point is peeking just around the corner to the double doors. Tossing a flash or smoke that bounces through the doors can block this off. If you memorize the timing, you can also throw a flash over the double doors that will go off at the right angle to blind anyone waiting at the corner. These grenades are also appropriate to block the vision of anyone fast enough to make it down to the lower ramp at the bottom of Long.

The next two key spots are the sniper spots at the crates around the site and the spot at the top of the walkway covering cat and Short. You can cover them with a flash, but move fast because getting pinned down at the end of Long is a death sentence. There’s a smart smoke you can toss as you run down Long that bounces high off the wall to the right and lands right in front of the CT spawn, sealing off vision for any CTs crossing back over from mid or B. Make sure to learn that.

Short A

When you go Short, you risk getting pincered between CTs covering mid and B and the ones watching A. You need to move fast so that you don’t get caught between them and secure the site as fast as possible because the approach from cat is narrow and vulnerable. Don’t throw grenades too early because that can give away your position. Learn to bounce a flash around the corner to get everyone watching from the site, and then drop a smoke down over CT spawn to seal it off from B.

This is especially important if you are in an eco round and can’t afford full armor and weapons. Be ready to pivot to B if the defense is stacked at A, in which case you will need to cut through the tunnels or mid to take B and drop a smoke on the mid side of CT spawn to block it off. You’ll also need flashes for entry into B, either over the wall if you are coming from mid or down the tunnel if you are coming that way.


When you come from B, you are probably rushing, and there is one key smoke that can make or break a B rush. You need to throw it right as you come in to enter tunnels- it will bounce down the tunnel and pop a little ways into the area so that you can run several steps in without around B being able to see where your team went. If you throw it too late, it won’t protect you. Too early, and it will dissipate. Too far, and you are open to anyone sitting at the car or double doors. Too short, and you are vulnerable from the back of site. Flashes are not as valuable because you need to run in backwards to protect your eyes, making it hard to snap to aim at the key CT watch spots. If you know exactly where the CTs like to hide, then targeted smokes might be better, but you need to learn the basic rush B smoke first and foremost.

CT Side

Long A

Rushing down Long and throwing a flash that goes off right as Ts are exiting the second set of doors is a good skill to develop. Smokes can also help, although for them to be timed right you need to bank it off the left wall so it pops right at the entrance, leaving the Ts unable to see you as they exit. Even Molotovs can be effective if they land in front of the doors. If you do use a flash, be sure not to flash yourself or anyone back at the site. If the Ts make it to the corner and establish a foothold, don’t use any more grenades unless you deploy them at Short because the Ts are splitting their attack, because they can do more harm than good.

Short A

Short is fairly easy to cover with flashes because you can bounce them around the corner of cat. Smokes don’t work quite as well because you need a full sightline, especially if you need to rotate quickly over to B through tunnels. A Molotov can help to slow down an advance through Short. HE might do more damage if you time it right, but it won’t slow Ts down. If you are in charge of watching Short, remember that you also might need to swap over to check Long if it gets called. Be sure that you call your own flashes if you throw any because it is very easy to blind your teammates sitting at site or coming over from mid.


When you are watching B, a lot comes down to knowing the timing of B rushes. Don’t use smokes or flashes because they can be just as detrimental to your own team as to the T attack, but a Molotov that goes off in time to hit the Ts will either slow them down and provide time for teammates to rotate from A, or damage them enough to make a rush less feasible. In later rounds, you need to start being very careful about Ts sniping with an AWP from their spawn as you cross mid.

This is an easy way for them to score a fast kill in the beginning of the round. That’s almost a guaranteed win at B if they can do it, and it will definitely ruin your economy. Pause a moment and throw a smoke at the double doors. The Ts can still shoot through the smoke, but they won’t have as much visibility.


As CT, you sometimes face the task of retaking a site that the Ts have before they can plant. For A, flashes, Molotovs, and HE can provide an opening, but smokes are not very useful unless you need to lock down a T with an AWP. For B retakes, anything goes. Entering from the crates above site, entering through double doors, and entering through the tunnels are all viable depending on time, but knowing exactly where the Ts are is very important. Retaking can be messy, and it is also important to know when you should just run and save your gear for the next round.