Does My Laptop have a Microphone? [Answered]

Do you ever wonder if your laptop has a microphone or not? If so, then this blog post is for you! We will explore the different ways that you can check to see if your laptop has a built-in microphone.

Check if your laptop has a microphone in the Windows Control Panel

Using the sound settings in Windows is an easy way to tell whether or not your laptop has a microphone. To access these settings, click “Control Panel” from the start menu and then look for “Hardware and Sound.” Then press “manage audio devices” under the sound tab. From here, you will see what input devices are connected (the list should include microphones under the recording tab). If there isn’t anything listed under inputs, then it’s likely that your laptop doesn’t have any built-in mics. If the laptop lacks ab built-in microphone then consider getting an external microphone. An external mic can also be a great recording device if you use your laptop to play competitive online games such as Dota 2.

Alternative ways to check for a mic on a Windows Laptop

Another great option for checking if your laptop has a mic is simply trying out some voice commands through Windows Speech Recognition! This program comes standard with all versions of windows after Vista. You can easily activate this program by searching for “speech” in your start menu. After you have the microphone activated, try saying something like “Hello computer” or “What time is it?” If the laptop has a mic, this will read back what was said by Windows Speech Recognition!

How to check if your laptop has a microphone on Mac

If you are running the latest version of OSX, called Yosemite, then it’s pretty easy. First, open up System Preferences and click on “Sound.” Under input devices, there should be something listed as Internal Microphone – if it isn’t listed, then chances are that you do not have one built-in. In this menu, you can also adjust the input volume by using the slider next to the microphone icon.

You may also try using Siri! Just say “Hey Siri” or press down on the home button for about two seconds until she responds with “What can I help you with?” Then ask her whether or not your computer has an internal mic… she will answer truthfully 🙂

Use recording software to check if your laptop has a microphone

If the methods above didn’t work, you could try using recording software to check if your laptop has a microphone. There are many free recording software that you could use.

Here are a few examples:

Audacity – A great free recording software. Can record from the mic input or a sound file and does not require any advanced setup to use.

You can find it here:

Windows Sound Recorder – Another simple program that is preinstalled on all Windows computers but cannot be used for other purposes than recording sounds with your internal microphone (or line-in). You can only record one track at a time as well as adjust playback volume without affecting the recorded audio file. If you close out of this window while it’s still running, then there will be no notification indicating that anything has been saved after closing down Windows Media Player, which must remain open during recording in order to keep the file.

A Video Tutorial On How To Use Windows Sound Recorder:

How do I test my microphone on Zoom?

If you need to attend virtual meetings, chances are you are using Zoom. Test your microphone on Zoom with these easy steps!

  • Sign in to Zoom and click the settings
  • In the audio tab, go to the Microphone and press Test Mic
  • Click recording and speak clearly into your microphone
  • You can listen to the recording and make sure you sound great
  • If you can not hear your voice in the test window, then there is a problem with your microphone.

I hope this has answered the question, “Does My Laptop have a Microphone?”. If you want to learn more about the best laptops, make sure to read some of our other articles. If you’re looking for a new affordable laptop, make sure to check our guide on the best notebooks under 400 bucks or why not learn more about how you can upgrade your laptop?